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  • Led by a Veteran


Quick Details

Military Active Duty, Retired or Veteran. Proof required at beginning of tour

Get Ready for an Entertaining 3 Hour Seattle Sightseeing Tour

This tour is like binge watching four episodes of Game of Thrones, minus the dragons. I do have a troll, a Space Needle, waterfall, giant spheres and an “UP” House just like the movie, sometimes it has balloons. You will get your money’s worth, and even see baby Pterodactyl in Spring and early Summer thus saving your money for Jurassic Park. I ain’t lying. I have lived in Seattle since 1986 stationed at McChord Air Force Base, before Seattle became such a tech city. Microsoft wasn’t a household name, and the only Amazon we knew from Wonder Woman. Basically you will spend 3 hours having fun, learning and laughing on the best tour in Seattle.

Seattle is the Northwest Corporate Capital

Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom, UPS, Costco, Starbucks, Holland America, Brooks Shoes, T-Mobile, Zulily, REI, Expedia, Paccar, Tommy Bahama, Alaska Airlines, Eddie Bauer, all started or are based in the Seattle Area. There are more companies, but I am tired of typing. If you live here, better have some greenbacks or housemates, cause it ain’t cheap!

Scenic Seattle Summers

At Seattle’s Best Tours you can see angels tap dancing on Mt. Rainier on a clear day. I might even drive by Grey’s Anatomy’s Sloan Memorial Hospital. Feel free to take your shoes off, but put them back on if they’re odoriferous, and sure, you can eat and drink the bus.